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Chronic Fatigue & Thyroid Treatment

What are some causes of fatigue?

Fatigue and thyroid issues treated at Woodrome Medical, PA, Livingston, Texas

There are several causes of fatigue ranging from medical conditions like hypothyroidism, depression, anemia, heart disease, diabetes to sleep disorders such as sleep apnea to shift work sleep issues and even untreated fibromyalgia.

Do I need to have lab work?

Yes, general labs will help the provider decide the best treatment plan for you.

When should I schedule an appointment about fatigue?

We recommend that you call if your fatigue last longer than a few days, if you are having a hard time going to work, losing weight or not able to do your usual routine.

Do I need to have labs or imaging if I think my thyroid is not working?

Lab tests are required and possibly an ultrasound depending on your thyroid exam and lab results.