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Joint & Trigger Point Injections

Joint injections are a non-surgical procedure that apply a solution directly into a joint. These solutions can range from steroids, hyaluronic acid to platelet-rich plasma. These injections can provide you with the relief you need to improve your range of motion and pain.

Why do people get joint injections?

There are several reasons people get injections into their joints. These injections into their knees, hips and shoulders can treat pain from osteoarthritis.

Why use hyaluronic acid for joint injections?

Research has proven that hyaluronic acid may provide anti-inflammatory effects such as reduced pain, inflammation and edema. This injection might help with pain and stiffness.

What are people getting platelet-rich plasma injections?

It is thought that PRP injections help accelerated the healing of injured tissues and joints. The activated platelet injection releases growth factors that stimulate and increase the number of reparative cells your body produces.

What are trigger point injections?

A trigger point injection is procedure done in our clinics designed to reduce or relieve muscle pain especially in your back, neck and to help with a fibromyalgia exacerbation.